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At we believe in making the home buying and selling experience a pleasant experience.  That’s why we rely on the expertise of the MLS (Multi-Listing Service) System to stay informed on real estate transactions in the Oklahoma City Metro.

home buying coupleThe MLS is a group of services that help OKC Realtors stay informed to the market.  According to an expert in the field the MLS …

“…facilitates cooperation with other broker participants, accumulates and disseminates information to enable appraisals, and is a facility for the orderly correlation and dissemination of listing information to better serve broker’s clients, customers and the public.”

sitting roomIf you’re a homeowner in need of selling you home, be sure to only use a properly authorized realtor who is fluent in the MLS system.  A listing on the MLS will get your home in front of millions of potential buyers around the world.  Some homeowners believe that their house should only be marketed in the area in which the property is located.  This is a big mistake.  There are hundreds of people relocating to the OKC metro every month, many coming from outside of the metro.  Some may be moving from a city in Oklahoma, others from another state, and still others from another country.  In every case, a home listed on the MLS is the perfect way for buyers and sellers to meet!

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Did you know that there are more than 3,400 homes for sale in Oklahoma City?  And that does not include the surrounding cities and townships.  When you’re ready to sell your home, don’t let it get lost in the masses.  A highly trained realtor is able to make your home stand out in the listings.

As the ‘seller’ be sure to do your part in selling your home.  Some things that you can do include staying current on your mortgage payments, keep your home in good repairs, and update areas include the kitchen and bathrooms.

Realtor OKC

Are you a homeowner in need of selling your home?  Or are you a buyer looking for the perfect new home?  In either case you next step should be to find a Realtor to help you along the way.  Realtors are professionally trained and supervised so as to provide a pleasant home buying or home selling experience. With thousands of homes on the market, Realtors are able to ask the right questions and direct their customers in the right direction.

man and woman lying on grass is your portal for finding the right Realtor for you and your needs.  Bear in mind … all Realtors are NOT created differently.  Some specialize in certain parts of town; others only deal with high-end home; others are new to the professional and learning ‘on the job.’  It’s to post an ad online and claim to be the perfect Realtor, however you know your needs, budget and time frame better than anyone.  That’s why we encourage you to interview 3-5 Realtors before committing to one.

Homes For Sale In OKC

Webster’s Dictionary defines ‘home’ as “the place a person lives or a family living together in one building.  Although neither definition stresses the physical structure, we understand the your home is where you make it.  Regardless of the circumstances, when its time to buy or sell your home, should be your first call.  We only recommend the best real estate professionals in the OKC metro.  While other agents focus exclusively on their commission, the agents at seek to establish a lasting relationship with our clients.

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The real estate market in Oklahoma has been on a bumpy ride.  The stock market crash of 2008 caused many families to loss their homes.  The recent recessions haven’t help.  Nonetheless, we have been able to weather the storm, and now real estate is booming again.  Interest rates are still very low.  Lenders have more money than borrowers.  Home sellers are anxious to relocate or upgrade to a new home.  Home buyers are spending their nights and weekend scouring dozens of real estate listings.

And all along the way … agents and staff are helping making dreams come true!

Open Houses OKC

One of the best parts of our job is hosting Open Houses.  Other agents dread sitting in one home for 4-5 hours, waiting for someone, anyone, to come and take a look. At we see things differently.  Instead of waiting for people to come to us, we proactively marketing our listings and take the open houses to the open market.  We offer virtual tours, so that anyone with a smart phone or device can view our homes online.

We also use Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to promote our homes around the world.  When you’re ready to buy or sell your next home be sure to contact us at

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